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In our subsidiary "Industriels Français du Bois" (French industrial wood), we use comprehensive equipment to design and produce 2nd transformation products as per to your specifications, including cut-to-order boards, planed timber, worktops & panels and laminated products. For example, our finger-jointed laminated products can go up to 6 meters long and 150 mm wide. 


We have developed a specific know-how to glue a wide range of species and we also offer customised gluing / finger-jointing / planing services.

Our laminated products bear the CTB-LCA Certification

IFB has been certified for Moabi, Movingui, Oak and Sapelli.

The CTB-LCA label certifies the quality of the gluing of the lamellas to each other and, where applicable, the quality of the joints (mechanical resistance and tightness).


Main products

More frequently, our customers integrate us directly into their production chain by entrusting us with customised services.

This format allows our customers to free up capacity and focus on their key production operations. 

Customised services available on request according to specifications.


Multi-ply squares

  • DKD / KKK with lamellas of minimum 2-3mm
  • Thickness and width on request
  • Length up to 6000mm for KKK



  • In solid or laminated (crossed)
  • Thickness up to 60mm
  • Width up to 1200mm
  • Length up to 2500mm


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